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Versatile, Creative, Unique: Picket Fences

May 07, 2008 in Fencing

Picket fences are arguably the most versatile of fencing designs. They create definite boundaries around your yard yet are not too prohibitive. They are also relatively easy to build and serve as a beautiful backdrop for landscaping.... read full post →

Tools and Tips: Fence Building Rules and Ordinances

April 29, 2008 in Fencing

Many people, when planning to build a fence around the perimeter of their yard, don’t really take into account city or county codes or ordinances regarding fence building. And who’s to blame them? Fence building is a common... read full post →

What is a Privacy Fence?

April 29, 2008 in Fencing

Put simply, privacy fences are fences built to keep people on the outside from seeing into your yard. The prohibition of prying eyes and a sense of personal space in the crowded urban landscape or the close quarters of a subdivision are... read full post →

Selecting Your Fencing Material

April 09, 2008 in Fencing

Fence building is a very common home improvement project and there are an immense amount of options when choosing how to build your fence. A list of fencing types and materials can read like a short novel and lead to a lot of head... read full post →

On the Fence about What Fence

December 13, 1901 in Fencing

On the Fence: A Fencing Materials Overview As you know, fences are uniquely American. Since we were a baker’s dozen of colonies, we have been fascinated by fences. They not only serve to keep us safe, but also give our homes and... read full post →
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