7 Stand-Out Residential Gates

From on April 16, 2009 in Fencing

Gates have been valued by homeowners for centuries. From the grandest estates to the simplest of country cottages, gates say, “This is private property.” A gate might be built into a wall or a fence, or it might be blocking access to a road or a walkway to the front door. It might require a special access code to gain entry, or it could have a simple latch that anyone can open. The message is the same, though. In addition to acting as a barrier between public and private property, a gate indicates that you’re entering someone’s special place. Gates’ guard duty may be their chief purpose, but they can also be so beautiful! When the property owner takes care to make a gate attractive from the outside, there’s a touch of welcome implied. Here’s a collection of residential gates that welcome your viewing pleasure.

Imagine having these glorious, shiny sheep guarding the entry to your ranch.

bighorngate.jpgPhoto Credit: High Desert Forge

This wood and iron gate would look good just about anywhere in suburbia USA.

irongate.jpgPhoto Credit: Bohl Iron Works

Fabulous, no? This Art Nouveau Gate is partially constructed of recycled retail fixtures, copper, and steel.

artnuevo.jpgPhoto Credit: Steel Bamboo

Simple, sleek, and it blends seamlessly with the fence wall that surrounds the property.

woodgate.JPGPhoto Credit: Metropolitan Gate

With all the charm of an old English novel, this gate joins forces with a thick hedge.

cottagegate.jpgPhoto Credit: kirsch-korff.com

This one’s so pretty it was made into a poster.

gardengate.jpgPhoto Credit: Allposters.com

This beauty’s part of a whole album of garden gate photos by Marjie.

secret-gate.jpgPhoto Credit: webshots.com

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