7 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Fence

From on September 02, 2008 in Fencing

old fencingI’m sitting in my son’s yard on this beautiful early morning, enjoying a cup of coffee and taking in the sounds of nature. I start realizing he has too much fencing, at least to my liking. I see why he has some fencing up, but why others? Now I’m thinking, why would my son, or any other homeowner, want to get rid of their fencing? I come up with the following reasons:

  1. It’s just too hard to maintain.
  2. Where is that fence located? There is plenty of property to open up to, why block it off?
  3. The fence is old, run down and an eye sore to the place.
  4. It just isn’t aesthetically pleasing.
  5. The fence blocks others from viewing me, but I’m tired of my view being blocked from the beauty of the world around me.
  6. The fencing materials are not safe for my lifestyle with children and pets.
  7. The fence just isn’t practical or functional to my needs, my garden, my play area, and my animals.

Well, I came up with 7 reasons to get rid of my son’s fences, but I also see his need for fencing. Maybe I could give him some ideas for some changes. Let’s see.

My first thought is, how it will look and what material to use. Now I think, do we go with hardscape and just change the fencing or softscape and use nature? There are so many types of fencing out there. He could still use wood, like he has everywhere, but the choices are tremendous, including vinyl fencing and metal fencing.

Let’s not forget that with the kids and pets, safety is important. I prefer the softscape approach. Maybe he can be convinced to put in some hedges or shrubs to replace the fences that break up parts of his property; the birds would love it. There is a wired fence that goes around the big garden with wood slats, ugly. I think lattice and vines would suit that area. And the privacy fence does wonders for the eyes looking in, but I like looking out, or at least to feel like I am. Maybe a bamboo fence or just bamboo plants; he is into going green, I think he’ll like that idea.

Well, I need another cup of coffee. Are you thinking about getting rid of your fences? Tell us about it!