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Eco-Privacy Fencing: Bamboo at its Best

September 03, 2009 in Fencing

First-time homeowners Kim and Jordan fell in love with their new house, but had a concern about the lack of privacy in the backyard. “Naturally,” HGTV’s Don’t Sweat It solved their problem… with a living bamboo... read full post →

7 Stand-Out Residential Gates

April 16, 2009 in Fencing

Gates have been valued by homeowners for centuries. From the grandest estates to the simplest of country cottages, gates say, “This is private property.” A gate might be built into a wall or a fence, or it might be blocking access... read full post →

7 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Fence

September 02, 2008 in Fencing

I’m sitting in my son’s yard on this beautiful early morning, enjoying a cup of coffee and taking in the sounds of nature. I start realizing he has too much fencing, at least to my liking. I see why he has some fencing up, but why... read full post →

On the Fence:  A Fencing Materials Overview

August 18, 2008 in Fencing

As you know, fences are uniquely American. Since we were a baker’s dozen of colonies, we have been fascinated by fences. They not only serve to keep us safe, but also give our homes and landscapes a touch of class and beauty. In the... read full post →

Tools & Tips: Fencing Types that Just Say “Vintage”

June 16, 2008 in Fencing

On a recent stroll, I stumbled upon a beautifully aging picket fence. Elegantly adorned with ivy and tumbling blossoms, the old wood with most of its white paint missing spoke of wistful years gone by. What a perfect picture it made... read full post →
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