How to Wire Your Home Discreetly

From on December 14, 2010 in Electrical

Yes, you love your technology. No, you won’t part with any of it simply because the cords bug you. But oh how they bug you. Well, you don’t have to consign yourself to glaring at the continuous stream of cords throughout your house as you work.

discreet wiring textured walls

Consider how this uber-modern simple apartment (so Swedish, no?) makes use of its white textured walls to cleverly hide the cords and make this space fabulous. It will be like a game of hidden objects: see if you can find the many useful elements in this pared-down space.

Notice the enormous projection screen above the French doors? You can create a cinematic experience for yourself and friends on demand—without letting it dominate your space. The idea is to camouflage your technology; keep it the same shade of color as the walls, and you’ll hardly know it’s there.

discreet wiring speakers

Notice the slender speakers in the corners? They double as an interesting item of home décor, a chic black-and-white contrast to the brightness of the space. If you weren’t looking for this apartment’s technology, you’d hardly know it’s there.

discreet wiring headphones

Check out the earphone headrest that sits atop the speakers—art in and of itself. When every piece of tech has its home, that is, a place where it fits rather than accumulates, you’ll appreciate that sense of connectivity it brings to your day to day.

discreet wiring cordless

No. Cords. Anywhere. Brilliant.