The TwistTogether Lamp Asks You to Be the Designer

From on May 13, 2010 in Electrical

twisttogether lamp

Even if you think your design skills are minimal and should be limited to LEGO blocks, Yanko Design believes that everyone harbors an inner style genius. Yes, even you.

The TwistTogether Lamp comes with a set of four blocks that can be maneuvered and placed any way you want. The possibilities are endless, especially with more than one set. They even come in two colors, “Chocolate” or “Candy.”

twisttogether led lamp

These innovative lights are also LEDs, so they’re extremely durable and eco-friendly as well. Keeping the wattage low, the TwistTogether Lamp will last longer than most while still creating that perfect glow.

I’d be interested to see this accessory in real life. All I know is that those color schemes have really got me craving some sweets right about now…

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