Solar Spark Lamp: The Visual Energy Conservation Monitor

From on November 23, 2009 in Electrical

Check out Beverly Ng‘s Solar Spark Lamp, an amazing solar-powered energy monitor. The reason it’s so cool is its user-friendliness and three color choices (think of a stoplight) to tell you how well you are conserving energy. The user loads their target energy consumption into the onboard computer, and the smart lamp does the rest. solar spark lamp This clever invention is inverted during the day to charge via the solar panel on the back, and then flipped right side up at night, when it establishes a WiFi internet connection, which allows it to track the home’s energy consumption. Then it glows the corresponding color - can’t get much easier than that. Once you know how you’re doing, it functions like a lamp and nightlight. Clever, huh? The idea is spawned from Swedish legislation that requires all newly constructed homes to be equipped with a meter that monitors that household’s energy usage. Still, we’ll see if it ever makes it to shelves in the US. It would take home energy monitoring to a whole new level. For more about the Spark lamp, check out the Inhabitant post here.