Outdoor Lighting Illuminated

From on November 07, 2008 in Electrical

Outdoor LightingAre you looking to illuminate your outdoor landscaping or highlight special features of your home or patio? Browse through CalFinder Home Remodeling Library’s new articles for inspiration and information on lighting system possibilities. You can find a variety listed, along with ideas that will transform your yard into an evening spectacle of warmth and beauty.

  • Outdoor lighting for your deck has endless possibilities for design and style, but safety is usually an issue, too. Illuminate your deck with three basic types of lighting: recessed deck lights, post cap lights, and accent lights. Of course there is so much more to choose from, but these will get you started.
  • Light your home’s first impression with an entryway that is welcoming and secure.
  • Low-voltage lighting for landscapes, walkways, or decks save money and are energy efficient. This type of outdoor lighting is easy to install and requires little maintenance.
  • Solar power your nighttime with lighting kits that, after purchase, will cost you practically nothing. They are perfect for the environment and your pocket and make for endless possibilities of landscape lighting.

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