My Bedroom Comforts Start with Good Lighting

From on October 14, 2008 in Electrical

Bedroom Lighting

For me, the bedroom is the getaway place in the house. I can escape there with a book; finish some small task, like folding laundry; or kick back and close my eyes for just a moment of quiet. If the lighting isn’t right for each of these things, simple bedroom comforts can be lost. Luckily, a lighting upgrade is an easy fix.

Lighting can accommodate several types of tasks, if you install it in layers. This way, you can quickly transform your bedroom from a busy area for dressing and laundry folding, to a space for reading and studying, and even to romantic getaway area.

Start by changing out those standard incandescent bulbs to energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs. Next, think about the type of fixtures you will want in order to create different moods or perform different tasks.

  • Choose swing arm lamps to flank your bed and place a floor lamp next to an overstuffed chair. This will invite you to cozy up to that novel you’ve been escaping to. With 3-way bulbs, achieve perfect control of the light you want.
  • Track lighting can be used to accent art work or even that beautiful spread on your bed. With the right light bulbs, the painted colors of your walls will be truer and more vibrant.
  • Vanity lighting is a must for your dressing table or mirror, and with a dimmer switch, create a perfect, soft glow for a more restful or romantic atmosphere.

You might have to do a little remodeling to properly wire some of these lighting choices, but most are simple changes that can turn your sleeping area into a comfortable getaway.