Music Lovers, Set Up Your Sound System like a Pro

From on January 19, 2009 in Electrical


Remember the old days when you had to have those really big speakers in order to be able to hear the music in more than one room? Sound systems have come a long way, and perhaps the best feature we can now enjoy is full-house surround sound. If a new sound system is on your wish list this year, then here are a few tips to maximize its enjoyment to the full potential.

Modern sound systems work wiring speaker wires throughout a house so that every room can have speakers if desired. Each room will have a tiny speaker in the corner. All you have to do with your new sound system is to plug it into a central port and you’re good to go. The great part about installing your system this way is that you can enjoy your music anywhere at anytime. You can even run speakers out to your patio or backyard.

There are many amazing sound systems on the market these days. Choose from features such as surround sound that imitates the sound quality of a theater. Huge speakers are out, but you may still need a subwoofer to help boost the sound. Multi-room systems can allow for you to watch your favorite shows or listen to music from any location in your home. When shopping for a system, look for one that can incorporate your plasma or LCD TV into the system as well. If you are looking for just the right system, here is a site that presents the good and the bad of some of the top brands on the market: Best 5 Home Audio Products.

Bob Vila offers a helpful visual example of a standard whole-house system, complete with a central entertainment center, individual room outlets, and even speakers in the garden. Request free estimates from pre-screened electrical contractors in your area to install your new sound system.

Photo Credit: cinz