Let There Be Light

From on June 30, 2009 in Electrical

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and how the eye beholds is largely a function of lighting. Almost any subject can be made to appear more beautiful if it is lit effectively. A home, a dining table, a painting, a nighttime patio setting, or a child’s homework desk—consider these examples, and it’s instantly obvious that how each one is illuminated will make a huge difference in the overall ambience and utility of each one. Residential electrical contractors can support your lighting creations with efficient placement of power outlets. This is just one of many important considerations that a skilled electrical contractor will take into account when you’re improving your home.

Take a look at how some of CalFinder’s electrical contractors incorporate light into their projects:

bathroomlight.jpgHandyman Connection specializes in electrical work as well as bathroom remodeling. This bathroom remodel shows effective use of natural light in conjunction with natural tile and glass blocks.

tuscankitchen.jpgMansel Rogers Construction is owned by a “self proclaimed nitpicker” who oversees every aspect of a project. Here’s a Tuscan-style kitchen that’s lit for a warm and sunny feel.

owens.jpgOwens Electric and Solar. Take a look at the skillful yet aesthetic placement of solar panels and it’s easy to imagine that this home’s lighting needs are met with the same care.

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