Hide Your High-Def Sound System Wiring

From on May 01, 2009 in Electrical

cable-mess.jpgPhoto Credit: theopie You have a brand new home theater system with high-def sound, the only problem is you want it to be heard and not seen. To fix that dilemma, here are some of the ways to avoid the clutter and cables of a high-def sound system. Invest in a wireless home theater system. Sony introduced the BRAVIA Theater System in 2008. This home entertainment unit comes with five surround sound speakers and is compatible with Blu-ray disc players and Playstation 3 consoles. The unique sound system provides quality high-def audio, despite being roughly the size of a golf ball. Or you could buy a set of wireless speakers and hook them up to the flat screen. They can be installed up high near the ceiling or left to stand alone. If the system is already in place and you just want to hide the wiring, flatwire is adhesive tape that sticks to ceilings and walls. This tape is specifically designed to hide speaker wires. It works best to attach the wiring and then paint the tape and wires to match the walls. sound-system.jpgPhoto Credit: naan Another option is the multimedia wall plate. It looks like a switch plate, but it’s really an opening for cables and wires. Here’s how it works: you cut a hole in the wall and then hide the wiring on the inside of the wall. The gap and the wiring are covered up by the plate. One more system that covers up the wiring and does a whole lot more is an entertainment rack. This type of technology provides a smorgasbord of options for home entertainment. It offers music, movies, lighting, security systems, and even temperature controls. Sony’s Whole-house Entertainment Rack System comes pre-wired and pre-integrated. If you’re leaning towards something like the rack, then you should consider professional installation. Source: http://ebuild.com/home-technology/networking—communications/structured-cabling—wiring.hwx http://crutchfield.com/S-XlY6QGYip8G/Learn/learningcenter/home/multiroom_video.html?page=3 http://gizmodo.com/395176/sony-ht+is100-tiny-hi+def-speakers-look-delicious