Funky Theater-Style Lighting Effects

From on January 12, 2010 in Electrical

lighting living room

Check out AA Studio’s lighting masterpiece in this only-in-your-dreams Scenography Apartment in Bucharest.

lighting colors

The condo was actually a melding of two individual units. Now its space is divided into day and evening areas with lighting to suit each. Even when the many windows are curtained, the lighting inside can be adjusted to make it just as bright and airy as before. But, of course, it’s the mood lighting that sets this place apart. If there’s any merit to chromatherapy (we’ve seen this lighting in bath design a lot lately), then this homeowner should be feeling right as rain.

lighting shelflighting living roomlighting living roomlighting bedroom

The overall effect is dramatic and theatrical, with light being gently assisted into tranquil spaces through filtering draperies. Cozy? Not so much, but it will definitely make an impression.

lighting walllighting bathroom

Even the bathroom is stark and way over-illuminated– just how much do you need to see in those mirrors?

The style isn’t for everyone. If money were no object, this would be my funky city pad, but I couldn’t see it as my home. Home, for me, should be warm and fuzzy, and here I’d feel like I was on stage.