Electrical Heating to Overtake Gas?

From on November 07, 2008 in Electrical

During the time period in which I worked both as a realtor and in the construction field, the demand for gas was much higher than electricity. Electric heat and hot water heaters were considered a detriment, and if given the choice, pretty much all homeowners opted for gas. As with many recent economically-driven trends, electric is making a comeback and gas is getting the boot, as pointed out in “Electrical Heating to Overtake Gas by 2018.” There are a few factors driving this trend, but the financial consideration is the underlying influence. The initial installation of gas is more expensive for builders, and now more than ever, expense makes a big difference. The biggest factor is obviously rising fuel prices, and with winter setting in, many homeowners are faced with exorbitant heating bills. Long-term, however, electric is not the answer either. It is still expensive, and the electrical grids are often stretched to their limit, causing occasional blackouts in heavily populated areas. That is why alternative and renewable energy must gradually supplement electric and gas, eventually becoming more and more prominent. Some utility companies are already building solar and wind farms to supplement their standard systems. They are also rewarding those customers who are producing their own energy by offering net metering programs. If you are faced with deciding which energy source you should use, consider incorporating at least a solar supplement, if not a complete solar system. Initially, the cost is greater, but in the long run you have the potential to save the extra expense through lower energy bills. Check-out what your state has to offer in the way of incentives, and do your part to further our nation’s progression towards more energy independence and sustainability.