Candle Light Bulbs for that Olden-Timey Glow

From on March 08, 2010 in Electrical

Back before the world lived and worked by electricity, candles were the extent of lighting options. For those who find themselves wishing for simpler times, System Studio Design has found the perfect way to recreate the soft lighting of candles while sticking to the light bulb’s functional design. light bulb candleThe Light Bulb Candle may seem self-explanatory in title, but it should be pointed out that this design isn’t purely aesthetic. Its shape is used to ensure that once the wax is liquefied, it drips down into the base and actually keeps the outer shell intact. The bulb also allows the flame to give off that same soft light offered by a low-wattage bulb. light bulb candle design Perhaps the best aspect of this design, however, is that these candles can fit into the same light socket as a regular light bulb itself. So, there’s no need to stock up on some fancy holders; just unscrew the lights you already have and experience the comforting glow of non-electricity. You may even start to notice a little extra money in your pocket. light bulb candle sockets