What’s your Ultimate Gazebo?

From on June 05, 2008 in Decks and Patios

GazeboThe gazebo has such an allure of romantic intrigue. Gazebos have existed in some form in many cultures for centuries, and have developed over time into the popular structure they are today. What better way to accessorize your backyard than with a beautiful gazebo?

Gazebos are typically located in parks and gardens. The structure is characterized by having a roof and being open on all sides. Gazebos are enjoyed for many purposes, including weddings, parties, and restful relaxation under the shade.

The most common shape is the octagon, but they can also be shaped as a square, rectangle, oval or circle. The gazebo actually comes from a family of different garden houses that includes the pavilion, pagodas, kiosks, belvederes, follies, alambras, and pergolas.

Gazebos range in size, shape and material. The size completely depends on what works the best in your yard. The different materials include wood, vinyl, and metal; and there are multiple color options.

So what would constitute the “ultimate” gazebo?

  • Determine your size preference. A quaint structure in a hidden corner? Or as large of a gazebo as your yard will allow?
  • Have your contractor run plumbing and electrical out to the location so you can have lighting and running water on site. This will allow you to have an outdoor kitchen or facilitate nighttime entertaining. There are many beautiful gazebo designs, and your contractor can work with you to create the look you are hoping for.
  • Once you have your structure in place, you can have fun adding the extras. Comfortable furniture, cold drinks in your mini-fridge, and candles all contribute to create the perfect environment.
  • No gazebo is complete without plenty of flowers. Hang pots from the eaves, strategically place pots around the room, and build flower boxes where appropriate.

The best asset to a feature such as a gazebo is that it can fulfill whatever purpose you can conjure-up. Request free estimates today to build your gazebo.