Make a Grilling Station

From on June 19, 2009 in Decks and Patios

For those of you who’ve worked the grill, made essential runs to the kitchen, and were still able to pull off the perfect barbeque, you deserve a tip of the cap. But aren’t you tired of the frenzy it creates? Then bring the kitchen outdoors, it will make life a little easier. You can start this process by relocating the grill to the gazebo. If you’ve tolerated the hot sun for long enough, this type of open air structure is perfect for a shady barbeque. You’ll also have enough room to accommodate accessory items and storage. This cuts down on those back and forth trips to the house. If you want to eliminate these excursions altogether, think about an outdoor grilling station.

Grill Stations

outdoorgrill.jpg A scaled back grilling station doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the outdoor station, but they are very functional and aesthetically pleasing. These stone or brick constructions are built around the grill and include permanent storage or food preparation areas. They’re great additions to the patio or deck because of their rustic appeal. You can also convert wood planter boxes into outdoor cabinets. By taking sheet metal and molding it around the planter lid, now you’ve got the makings of a metal door. Just attach some cool-looking hinges and you’ve got a makeshift outdoor cabinet for supplies. More elaborate grill stations include sinks, bottle boots for chilled juices or wine, and an insulated ice box that acts as a mini-refrigerator. These grilling stations are professionally built and installed. They cost right around $1,900 for a top of the line unit.
Photo credit: Rite Remodeling

Outdoor Kitchen

outdoorkitchen.jpg A griller’s sanctuary is The Outdoor Station. It has everything except the T-bones and it’s guaranteed to make barbequing a breeze. It’s a high-end grill station that comes with a fully equipped bar and stools, roof top and all the other grilling amenities you might need. It includes basic features like: Dura-Stone countertops, outdoor cabinets, a sink for food preparation or clean up, and ample space for the gas grill. The best thing is you’re always protected from the glaring sun or sudden thunderstorms. These types of outdoor cooking units are perfect for poolside barbeques or traditional backyard gatherings.
Photo credit: Marco Designs