Ipe Decks

From on March 27, 2007 in Decks and Patios

Ipe, also called iron wood, is and extremely dense, tight-grained tropical hard wood. Its color ranges from red-amber to dark brown and it is virtually clear of knots. Its resistance to insects and decay is similar to pressure treated woods, and it is nearly impervious to water and very fire resistant. Once installed, it will quickly turn a silver-gray. You might recognize it from its presence on Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk. An Ipe deck should easily last 40 years or longer. However, Ipe is a rainforest wood, so if you do use it, make sure, it has been harvested responsibly. These hard woods are very difficult to work with because they all need to be pre-drilled before screwing and nailing or they will split. Expect to pay an extra four dollars a square foot for labor to install these hard woods because you triple the time for installation. Estimated Cost: $26/square foot.