Decks to Delight You

From on May 06, 2009 in Decks and Patios

Spring is here and it’s open season for indoor/outdoor living. I was at one of my local home and garden centers over the weekend, and it was a party! There’s nothing like that early Saturday morning buzz that bubbles up among dozens of happy householders chatting over planters, browsing the racks of blooming things, discussing deck furniture, and tossing gardening supplies onto their trolleys. It’s a guaranteed high. After all that enthusiastic carrying-on, I want to share the effervescence of the season with you. You might already be going like a house a-fire on your own deck decorating, or maybe, like some of my friends, you’re in planning mode for building or adding on to your deck this year. In either case, there’s nothing like looking at great examples of deck design for inspiration. Here are some beauties, custom built by some of CalFinder’s licensed contractors:

Redwood Multi-Level Deck

equinox-landscape-deck.jpgEquinox Landscape Construction

With all the lush greenery, this large deck gives the luxury of feeling suspended up in the trees. It takes advantage of the hillside terrain by being built on levels, connected by a gracious staircase. The railings are integrated into the design for safety and beauty and enhance the structure’s overall appeal.

Architectural Simplicity and Harmony

prociw-deck.jpgProciw Construction & Roofing

Elegant contemporary architectural design joins this deck seamlessly to the house with ease. The repetition of materials used for the house is complemented with different elements and materials that, all together, make a striking combination. Subtle and welcoming.

All You Need’s a Broom (and a Barbeque)

de-ayala-deck.jpgDe Ayala Construction

Don’t you love how this design incorporates the tree while creating a smooth surface that virtually eliminates a whole lot of yard work? The retaining wall shores up the hill as it slopes steeply down towards the house, and at the same time it defines the floor space of the deck. Talk about property improvement!