Cedar Decks

From on March 23, 2007 in Decks and Patios

The indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest called the Western Red Cedar the “Tree of Life,” and used it for their canoes, houses and totem poles. Like redwood it is resistant to decay, but it is quick to weather. Cedar wood decking has a unique and natural preservative oil that means no further treatment of the deck material is needed unless the deck material is in direct contact with the ground. It is an ideal wood for wet conditions. Left untreated it will turn silvery gray and then dark brown. In addition, Cedar is resilient and does not transfer heat which means you can kick off your shoes and enjoy your deck with friends and family long into the night, even during the hottest summer months. A cedar deck properly maintained may last 40 years. Estimated Cost for Cedar: $.75-.$85/linear foot; $14-$18/square foot. More information about Cedar Decks: http://www.cedar-deck.org