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Crack Open the Summer Chardonnay: Cool DIY Bottle Torch

June 18, 2010 in Decks and Patios

Why build a DIY wine bottle torch? Reason one: mosquito repellant. Reason two: you thought you needed another reason to empty more wine bottles this summer?! For a mere five bucks, a quick visit to the hardware store and some crafty... read full post →

The Perfect Summer Lounge Chairs

June 07, 2010 in Decks and Patios

While you’re dusting off those bikinis and stocking up on aloe vera, it may be high time to reconsider your outdoor seating options. This collection of chairs from the Conran Shop will help you to transform your patio into a... read full post →

Home Sweet Hammock: Top 5 to Get Your Nap On

May 27, 2010 in Decks and Patios

While the rest of America has yet to embrace the idea of taking a siesta in the middle of a workday, I’d like to think sporadic bouts of shut-eye only make me sharper. And what better way to take a nap than outside on a breezy... read full post →

Bright & Bold Outdoor Tapestries

November 25, 2009 in Decks and Patios

D. Garden Collection offers unusual banners for outdoor spaces that call for a little extra something… … or a lot of extra something. Made from durable premium fabric and ink to withstand elements (and the washing machine),... read full post →

5 Eye-Catching Patio Pieces

September 03, 2009 in Decks and Patios

Attractive contemporary furniture to spiff up your patio #1 – From Allegro Classics collection, the Islands Sofa blends beautifully with swimming pools, hot tubs and refinished decks. Its contours are soft and natural, making room for... read full post →
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