Remodel with Seductive Concrete Tile

From on December 04, 2009 in Concrete

dexterity concrete tileDexterity is a lightweight concrete made up of 38 percent recycled plastic, cement and fiber. Less weighty than traditional concrete, it’s a suitable material for tile. And DEX Studios, the company where it all began, is letting it ripple with their lines of sustainable, sculptural tile that come in eight attractive colors: graphite, cayenne, taupe, light gray, chill (blue), chocolate, white and leaf.

dexterity concrete bathroom tile“Dune,” the studio’s conceptual modular tile, allows for anything but a concrete look. When set in place, the uneven surface has no rhyme or reason. Dune is erratically captivating and nonrepresentational of tiles sold from conventional flooring showrooms.

dexterity concrete fireplace tile

Sculpted with overt sensuality, the Marilyn tile is as seductive and curvy as its namesake. The tile’s intense appearance will make a bold statement in any space.

dexterity concrete tile

Garage Beginnings to Corporate Endings

Craig Smith and designer wife, Lauriel Leonard, started DEX Studios several years ago in their Atlanta, Georgia garage with a wheelbarrow and a concrete mixer. Today, you can see their work on HGTV and in design and architectural magazines across the country. Our look is different from others, and our finishes distinguish us,” concludes Smith. “[Our] modern aesthetic is a conscious decision.”