5 Decorative Concrete Possibilities

From on May 19, 2008 in Concrete

Cement Fern CountertopWhen most of us think of concrete flooring, a big, dull gray slab comes to mind and we’re not so far off. Most concrete flooring hangs out in the garage or outside and is gray and flat. But in reality there are several decorative concrete possibilities available to the adventurous homeowner. Here are five options for your perusing.

  1. Concrete has the valuable ability to simulate other, more expensive materials. Great for sunrooms or any indoor room, decorative finishes and stamped patterns for concrete can achieve the look of wood, slate, granite, marble, tile, and more at a much lower price.
  2. Concrete can also be made in many different textures, from a polished smoothness to a rough gravel texture. For a more natural look you could go with an exposed aggregate finish or you can have any kind of stone embedded into the surface—your pick.
  3. Stains or colorants can be cast into your concrete surface to provide an appearance much more vibrant and appealing than traditional gray. You may choose to color the concrete to match the existing color scheme of your home—a great idea for adding on a sun porch or patio.
  4. Geometric patterns stamped into concrete are a popular choice and are great for areas both large and small. Rectangular, square, circular, diamond, even abstract patterns are possible.
  5. Decorative concrete steps or terraces are a very prominent, standout possibility. Combine the coloring and finish options listed above with a creative design and you’ve got an attractive, utterly unique entry or garden patio.

The design possibilities with concrete are virtually endless so you and your contractor can easily come up with a personal, satisfying, and exciting concrete surface for your house or yard.