Dress Up Old Concrete with Paint or Stain

From on May 20, 2008 in Concrete

Stained ConcreteConcrete is known to be a solid surface, one that will last a long time. Modern methods of installing concrete require measures to reduce cracking, staining, and other deterioration. However, how do you deal with old patios, driveways surfaces, and sidewalks that have not aged quite so well?

Tearing out old concrete requires nothing short of a jack hammer, a strong back, and a lot of clean-up. It definitely can be done, but won’t always be a fun project. So why not consider a few alternatives before you get out that sledge hammer?

Benjamin Moore StainPainting and staining concrete has become an art with some masterful strokes of meticulous disguise. Paint your concrete with a basic outdoor paint in the color of your choosing. Just choose a durable product that is specifically designed for concrete. Another popular option is to choose a transparent stain. These innovative solutions can create a porous appearance that is quite attractive. These come in many eye-catching colors and are designed to make your concrete appear as though it were mixed with pigments when first installed.

Acid staining is another unique method for disguising old concrete. The product contains inorganic salts that react with minerals in concrete and creates a beautiful marbled appearance. Acid stains are promoted as strong and durable, and come in several colors.

Before applying any paint or stain to older concrete, your contractor needs to be sure to properly clean the surface. There are specific products that are designed to remove all dirt and grease, leaving you with a clean canvas to paint your masterpiece. Contact professional concrete contractors today to do something about your old concrete problem.