5 Concrete Remodeling Tips

From on March 20, 2008 in Concrete

Concrete has come into its own, and builders and remodelers are paying attention. A combination of cement and fine aggregates, concrete is surprisingly versatile and more affordable than natural stone. For a more environmentally friendly alternative, look for concrete infused with flyash, a byproduct of coal-fired electric generating plants. This diverts the byproduct from the wastestream while reducing the energy investment of concrete production and, ultimately, improving the strength and performance of the concrete. Here are 5 concrete ideas for your home renovation. Concrete LEED HomeUse SCIPs Or structural concrete insulated panels. These are known to reduce construction time, provide superior heat insulation, and provide a strong sound barrier between rooms and floors. In Pasadena, the first LEED certified concrete home just went up, made with green SCIPs that are 60 percent recycled. SCIP is a wall, flooring, or roofing panel that requires less concrete than ICFs, discussed below. Use ICFs ICFs are insulating concrete forms or molds with built-in insulation for accepting reinforced concrete. As with SCIPs, they are ideal for extreme climates and temperatures, and their insulating properties help you save money on the energy bill. In fact, homes built with ICFs use about 44 percent less energy to heat and 32 percent less energy to cool than other frame houses. They’re also non-toxic, reduce noise, and resist termites. Metrocrete.comDecorate with concrete Word is out that concrete has endless creative potential. Go to Metrocrete.com to find articles all about it, from how concrete floors help prevent black mold growth to information on decorative concrete sealers and maintenance to learning about flattooing, the art of tattooing concrete with special graphics and features. Use concrete floors and walls for passive solar gain Another of concrete’s finer points? It’s high in thermal mass, which means it absorbs, stores, and distributes solar heat throughout your living space. Concrete walls and floors are common in green homes that utilize passive solar technology for ongoing energy efficiency without additional maintenance or operation costs. Concrete Interlocking PaversUse interlocking concrete pavers Concrete’s unlimited possibilities translate well in your landscape. Concrete pavers move in unison with the earth below for flexibility that rarely lends to damage. These low maintenance pavers are also easy to install because they connect to one another, making geometric patterns that much easier to play with. In addition, concrete pavers color beautifully and clean easily. Need an expert in concrete? CalFinder’s concrete contractors such as Padgett Concrete Construction in Contra Costa, California or BBC Construction in San Francisco, are pre-screened, providing you with the highest level of professional service. It gets better: our referral service is free of charge. Links: Building with Concrete Flyash Concrete