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Remodel with Seductive Concrete Tile

December 04, 2009 in Concrete

Dexterity is a lightweight concrete made up of 38 percent recycled plastic, cement and fiber. Less weighty than traditional concrete, it’s a suitable material for tile. And DEX Studios, the company where it all began, is letting it... read full post →

Check Out the New Concrete Maintenance Section of Our Library

December 15, 2008 in Concrete

It is pretty uncommon for a home not to have concrete somewhere on the property. Concrete is used for flooring, patios and sidewalks, foundations, basements, retaining walls, and the list goes on from there. An invaluable material, you want... read full post →

Tools and Tips: How to Clean Concrete

August 05, 2008 in Concrete

You may be surprised at how dirty your concrete has become, even if you don’t see any drastic stains. Dirt slowly accumulates on the porous concrete, so slowly that it often goes unnoticed until it is cleaned, and the difference can... read full post →

Dress Up Old Concrete with Paint or Stain

May 20, 2008 in Concrete

Concrete is known to be a solid surface, one that will last a long time. Modern methods of installing concrete require measures to reduce cracking, staining, and other deterioration. However, how do you deal with old patios, driveways... read full post →

5 Decorative Concrete Possibilities

May 19, 2008 in Concrete

When most of us think of concrete flooring, a big, dull gray slab comes to mind and we’re not so far off. Most concrete flooring hangs out in the garage or outside and is gray and flat. But in reality there are several decorative... read full post →
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