What Do Remodeling Contractors and Internet Dating Have in Common?

From on May 09, 2011 in CalFinder News

calfinder remodeling contractorsCalFinder has been in the business of contractor screening since 2005. And in that time, we’ve learned it’s a lot like online dating.

Allow me to explain. You, the homeowner, have searched everywhere for that special someone. You’ve asked around, gone out on a few blind phone dates, but still, the Yellow Pages yield nothing. No strong and silent type with a tool belt.

And yet, you’re hopeful.

You pull up CalFinder.com and type in your information. The phone rings, your heart skips a beat, and then suddenly there he is:

Your one true licensed remodeling contractor.

For Better or Worse

It may sound silly, but trusting a perfect stranger with your remodel is a leap of pure faith.

They come into your home, enter a legal contract with you, and for a period of time you are bound together… for better or worse.

Our goal is to help you land on that better side of the unknown, with a remodel you can afford.

How? By matching you with the local remodeling contractor best suited to give you a fairy tale ending. We do this, as the fates would have it, for free.

CalFinder Contractors are Pre-Screened

For what, exactly?

  • Licensing and insurance
  • Optimal quality standards
  • Proximity to you (no long-distance relationships here)

In days past, shady contractors got away with phony sales pitches and sub-quality work. But with the Digital Age comes transparency, whether they like it or not.

The best contractors come certified by CalFinder. You can get your very own by clicking here.

The rest are still lurking in the un-screened dating pool, probably sitting around and making a terrible impression on your parents.