The Right Contractor and Peace of Mind - at No Cost to You

From on February 28, 2007 in CalFinder News

We’re often asked just exactly what we do as a contractor referral service, and how it might help your next home improvement project go more smoothly. Years ago, when communities were more close-knit and the pace of life was less frantic, you might choose a contractor by asking your neighbors — especially those who had recently had work done and were pleased with the result. The proud homeowner would probably be delighted to give you the tour so you could see the quality of the work for yourself, and happy to refer you to the pro who made it happen. Today, that sort of word-of-mouth referral is often hard to find — and besides, your neighbor’s renovations might not be at all to your taste. As you’re considering this major investment in your home, the process of choosing your options and finding the right person to do the work can be so complicated and intimidating that you keep putting the project off. At CalFinder, we combine our own long experience in the building professions with 21st Century technology to bring you an enhanced version of word-of-mouth referral — that is, we only recommend building professionals we’d be comfortable to have work on our own homes. Before we certify a contractor, we interview at least 10 previous clients. We look at the quality of their work ourselves. We check their licenses, insurance, and status with the Better Business Bureau. We’re specifically looking not only for overall customer satisfaction and quality work, but friendly service, good communications, and fair pricing. To help you plan your project and make good choices, we offer a wealth of information on our Web site about everything from design issues to what to ask contractors in an interview. We offer plenty of photos of the contractors’ work, so you can see for yourself whether it’s a good fit for your taste and special requirements. If you call one of the contractors we refer, you’ll get a response within 24-72 hours. And if you choose one of our contractors for your project, you can expect regular follow-up from us, both before and after the project, to make sure everything’s going well. Our reputation and our business depend on it. There’s no charge for using our service, and we encourage you to use the resources on our site to gather the information you need to plan your project. When you’re ready to go, using one of our contractors will give you not only the look and the quality you want, but the peace of mind that comes with having a great safety net. [tags]CalFinder, Contractor, Contractor Referrals[/tags]