Showing Off at the Home Show

From on January 24, 2008 in CalFinder News

This past weekend, San Franciscans and Bay Area visitors alike had the opportunity to attend the SF Spring Home Show, a three-day event designed for homeowners planning to remodel, landscape, or decorate their homes. Over 250 exhibitors were on hand with tips, ideas, and inspiration, each of them strutting their stuff with free product demos, expert advice, and interior and exterior design samples. As expected, the SF Spring Home Show had several architects, landscapers, and interior designers in attendance. But there was only one contractor referral service there: CalFinder. Our lone presence reflects an unfortunate trend in the contractor referral business in general, highlighting one of the reasons we stand out amidst the no-shows. Unlike other referral companies that rely on faceless, automated services, we take the time to talk to each homeowner personally. Homeowners at the show were extremely delighted to be in the home planning stages, taking pride in selecting from new and exciting options, and matching their tastes with trendy ideas and refined classics. We received countless visitors to the CalFinder booth, namely homeowners who preferred spending their time with planning and shopping rather than screening potential contractors. Because CalFinder conducts in-depth screening and provides free estimates from more than one potential contractor, homeowners can focus on other things, like shopping and planning. The homeowners we met were in the midst of major projects, some of the most popular being second story additions, ground level additions, kitchen/bath remodels, window replacements, painting projects, and landscaping with decks/fences. Thanks to all of you who stopped to chat, from the East Bay to San Francisco, and all the way down to Gilroy.