Should I Have a Dehumidifier?

From on July 17, 2008 in CalFinder News

dehumidifierDehumidifiers are handy for homes in humid climates, especially those with basements. I am from Michigan, which has fairly humid summers, and I remember quite well the days when I slept in the basement. And I remember quite well the feeling that my walls, my carpet, even my sheets were wet, and this is after sunny days! Quickly the dehumidifier became one of my best friends. And it may be yours, too…those of you who know what I’m talking about.

Dehumidifiers are beneficial for two big reasons. One, they pull moisture out of the air and out of the walls. Secondly, they reduce the chances that mold will thrive in your basement and house. So not only do they make life more comfortable for that teenage son who wants his own room bad enough to sleep in the basement, but dehumidifiers can help with allergenic members of the family by keeping that mold down.

Now, some people who live in states like Florida, where it is very hot and humid, run their air conditioners all day. Air conditioners act like dehumidifiers in that they also reduce air moisture (and mold) so many southerners probably don’t need a dehumidifier on top of their air conditioner.

Of course, as with most any appliance these days, dehumidifiers are available with an Energy Star rating. So if you’re looking to invest in one or need an upgrade, consider an Energy Star model. They work just as well as conventional dehumidifiers but use up to 20% less energy.