Remodeling Magnets, CalFinder Ranks the Most Resourceful Websites

From on July 10, 2009 in CalFinder News

CalFinder is comprised of oh-so-many talented writers who work endlessly to bring such helpful and interesting information to our readers. We all work separately on our diverse lists of topics and yet there are just some websites that we each naturally gravitate toward when we are surfing the net seeking inspiration. It has nothing to do with the like-mindedness of our writers, but more to do with the high quality of content and popularity of these sites. So, without further ado, we present to you the ribbon winners of the remodeling world as represented on the Internet, seen through the lens of CalFinder: cf-favs-this-old-house.jpgBest Remodeling Resource1st Place Our blue ribbon goes to This Old House. Okay, everyone, all at once, “NORM!” Because I know that we all know his name. This Old House is a standard by which so many facets of the remodeling industry are measured. It’s been around for so long and has become such a reliable source in so many venues, including the Internet. We award This Old House this distinguished honor for being a great overall resource for remodeling topics, fascinating blogs, and outstanding videos, and being an unending wealth of information. cf-favs-hgtv.jpgBest Remodeling Resource Second Place2nd Place Our red ribbon goes to HGTV. If Norm is the standard, these guys are the one’s who came along and broke the mold. With fresh new ideas and bubbly television hosts, HGTV is just as fun as it is informative. One of the things we value most at CalFinder is multiple sources for any one topic and HGTV consistently has done our homework for us, keeping long lists of links available for any remodeling subject matter. cf-favs-one-project-closer.jpgBest Remodeling Resource Third Place3rd Place Our white ribbon goes to One Project Closer. While consistently filled with great information and tools for homeowners, One Project Closer also keeps tabs on the best and most popular blogs that deal with the building and remodeling industry. You’ll never guess who’s included in that list ;) For bringing remodeling blogs all under one web-roof and presenting it in such a usable manner to the homeowner, we thank you One Project Closer. There are still more that we’d like to mention, but alas we are out of ribbons. Honorable mention goes to the following sites:

  • Building Online for their presentation of building news and detailed directory of professionals in the building industry.
  • Charles & Hudson for their fabulous blog, which details many remodeling projects, brings about interesting topics, and showcases helpful photos.
  • for offering a wealth of information for homeowners to help them better comprehend and tackle any home improvement project.
  • Qualified Remodeler Magazine for their all-encompassing site. From news to project plans, product reviews to blogs, they’ve got it all.
  • Remodeling Magazine for looking at the big picture and revealing the global impact of the remodeling industry.

There are so many other fabulous sites out there that warrant mention. Which one’s would you list?