Preview your new & improved home remodel

From on July 27, 2009 in CalFinder News

See the changes before construction beginsSo you’ve got ideas to brighten up your home’s landscape and façade, but imagination only takes you so far. A custom-designed illustration of your future remodel is fun for brainstorming and even better for construction efficiency:

  • A picture equals a hassle-free project. Contractors will know precisely what you’re after!
  • Seeing is believing. You’ll have faith in your ideas from start to finish.
  • You can play around with color, a new roof pitch, arbors, a second-story addition, that new patio/deck you’ve fantasized about, paving stones, or a gorgeous new landscape.
  • You can request changes to the image.

It’s hard to imagine your remodel by looking at a rough sketch or drawing. That’s why I created Landscape Balance. I take images, such as windows & shutters or a new driveway, and piece-work them onto a picture of your home. Know how your home will really look with new elements. Let’s see what Landscape Balance can do.Beth’s HouseThis is my old 1940s house from a few years back. It had an uninteresting façade, boring landscape, and no overhead protection at the front door to shield rain. Here’s the sad before image:Beths house beforeAnd after:Ta-da!Beths house afterI colored the house taupe and added new windows with shutters. We had a slight hiccup in the plans; because of the chimney’s position, we couldn’t alter the roof line over the door. So we created a detached arbor with copper slats and a plexiglas cover. The plants and colorful flowers really open up the entrance. Unfortunately, we sold the house a few months after I made this mock-up, so it remains drab and dreary.Park HouseLocated in a quaint neighborhood, the Park House sits across from the oldest park in town. The house is balanced and all it needs is some bright paint and fresh landscape to compliment the current set-up.park house beforepark house afterI added paint and new windows and livened up the yard with some color.Aptos HouseThis house is in Aptos, CA, where the builder wanted to create a brochure with various “possibilities” to sell the home before completion. He asked that I modify the big posts that hold up the overhang at the front door.Here’s the before:aptos house beforeAnd now!aptos house afterLooks lifelike, doesn’t it? I added a window on the far right to create balance. I also added an arbor off the garage to soften up the space. The dark garage doors were heavy on the eyes, so I lightened them up. See what a little paint and landscaping will do? Drastic improvement!Here’s a before view from the back:aptos house before backAfter:aptos house after backRue De HouseFor this next house, I worked with a realtor to show prospective buyers three potential solutions. My pictures helped to make the sale.Original house—yuck!rue de house before Here are my 3 ideas:#1 - The implementation of front columns gives the home a refined & stately appeal.rue de house 1#2 - Or for a softer look, the bright but natural stone walkway enhances the warm paint tone.rue de house 2#3 - Fencing around the front yard lends a real country cottage appeal to this design.rue de house 3As you can see, there are many ways to bring your remodeling dreams to life. When it’s your own home with real elements, a preview can make all the difference in the world. And your contractors will love it when you hand them a picture and say, “This is what I want.” Let’s make it happen.So what are your home remodel ideas?We’d love to hear your stories, dreams, & goals for your own house!