Oops! How GPS Led Contractors to Demolish the Wrong House

From on July 21, 2009 in CalFinder News

housedemolition.jpg It’s really quite funny, although my heart goes out to the owner of a Carrollton, Georgia home that was torn down to its foundation by an accident of modern technology. That’s right. A crew of workers, guided only by a global positioning system (GPS), actually knocked down—and I mean leveled—the wrong house.

Al Byrd, the owner of the home, received an unexpected call from his landscaper on the day in question, asking him if he still wanted his lawn mowed. When Byrd inquired as to why he wouldn’t want it mowed, the man replied that they were tearing down the house.

“You can’t imagine it,” said Byrd, “I’m just incredulous that something like this can happen and no one contacts the owner.”

Indeed, it looks as if reliance on technology may have gone a bit overboard for the unnamed contractor who demolished the house. Those involved believe that it was the home across the street that was meant for demolition.

The saddest part of this unusual story is that the demolished house, which Byrd no longer lived in, was his childhood home and still contained many of his mother’s former possessions. As to the repercussions of all this? That is still in question, although you can bet somebody is in deep water right now.

Via WSB Radio
Photo credit: Giles Douglas