Inspiring Examples of Remodeling Projects

From on February 03, 2009 in CalFinder News

I have so much fun telling friends and family about my blogging adventures with CalFinder, and so often this leads to creative conversations about their own dreams and ideas for remodeling their own homes. Invariably, since all these folks know about my design career over the years, they ask, “What would you do for this project?” Or, “Where can I go to see some examples?” After months of responding to these questions, I’ve developed a sideline hobby of exploring CalFinder’s IDEAS section, which features pictures, pictures, and more pictures of actual projects – and sending my people links to examples of projects that match the ones they’ve asked me about for their own homes. It’s so much fun, you might want to try it, too. Here are some of my recent favorites from browsing for project examples in our remodeling pictures:

Kitchen Island Bar

Kitchen Island
It’s winter and because everyone’s staying inside more these days, kitchens seem to be on peoples’ minds. This could be because kitchen remodels are still solid investments for home improvement no matter how the news about the economy ebbs and flows. I love the way the kitchen island and bar create a space divider between the kitchen and family room in this example. The marble countertops are elegant and functional. This project is one by Remodel West a 17-year-old company based in Cupertino, CA.

Bathroom Window Treatment

Glass blocks
Windows in bathrooms can feel like a luxury sometimes, when so many home floor plans have windowless bathrooms and powder rooms tucked inside the overall house. If your bathroom has a window, why not re-do it with privacy-protecting glass like this? Philip Going, Inc., in Mill Valley, CA, did this remodel.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace
Spending time outside on the patio is no fun when you’re freezing. A great way to enjoy an hour or two in the fresh air, even in cold weather, is to have a crackling fire in an outdoor fireplace to pull up to for some cozy conversation and a cocktail. An outdoor fireplace adds value to your property, and you’ll discover that you use it all year round. It can add so much to gatherings at night, even when it’s summertime. Marco Designs did this project. They specialize in landscaping and general construction and are based in Novato, CA.