I received 3 estimates from 3 separate contractors

From on July 28, 2009 in CalFinder News

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If you read this blog often, which you should, you might not know that we provide a free service. We don’t push offers in our reader’s faces. That’s just tacky! But anyway we do get lots of feedback from homeowners that use CalFinder to obtain local contractors and free estimates. I wanted to pass this one along from Dan of Olathe, Kansas who provided some feedback this morning.

I received 3 estimates from 3 separate contractors who were all courteous, timely and professional. I had a difficult choice to make. All of the CalFinder contractors were very knowledgeable and professional. Products and services offered were equally good. We ended up learning a lot and made ended up making a selection based on BBB ratings and warranty.

Thanks CalFinder!

Dan’s experience is a testament to how well CalFinder works for homeowners.

Quick and easy.

It’s really easy to use, simply request free estimates (