Flood Prevention Tips For Your Home

From on July 09, 2008 in CalFinder News

flood.jpgFlooding is a problem for many homeowners every year and in every part of the country. The harsh reality of falling rains and rising rivers has never been more evident than in the Midwest of late. Floods and flash floods occur in all 50 states. In fact your home, no matter where you live, is three times more likely to be damaged by flooding than by fire. Here are some helpful hints to help protect your home from flooding.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

  • Gutters filled with leaves and other debris can become a major problem in heavy rains. Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to the pooling of water runoff and deposit large amounts of water at the corners of your home close to the foundation.


  • Basements are very vulnerable to water seepage and damage for obvious reasons. First of all, check the grade of your lawn surrounding your foundation; it should slope away for several feet.
  • Install a sump pump that has back-up power. Also, if you think your furnace, water heater, or other basement appliance is vulnerable to flooding, take steps to elevate them.
  • Look into sealing your basement walls. Basement waterproofing is not just a good idea in terms of flood prevention but also to prevent seepage and cracking on a daily basis.

Back-Flow Valves and Plugs

  • For any place where flood water could get into your house through inundated sewer and water systems, such as drains and toilets, you can install back-flow valves or plugs. These will prevent water from getting into your house during a flood.