CalFinder Certified As Green Business

From on August 22, 2007 in CalFinder News

Green business

We’re proud to announce that the Bay Area Green Business Program has certified CalFinder as a Bay Area Green Business.

The Bay Area Green Business Program is a partnership of environmental agencies and utilities. Its mission is to assist and acknowledge businesses and government agencies that choose to operate in an environmentally responsible way. To qualify for certification, a company must not only comply with all regulations but meet high standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimizing waste.

We believe going green is good for the planet and good for business, and we find our customers appreciate those values — after all, efficiency and good stewardship are just as important in a home remodeling project as they are in protecting the environment.

“CalFinder has always been aware of environmental issues and has worked hard to incorporate green values in its day-to-day business,” said Jason Polka, CalFinder’s CEO. “We’re very proud that this certification makes it official. We also hope it encourages others to find new ways to conserve energy and resources in their homes and their daily lives.”

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