Blogging for the Best

From on May 12, 2009 in CalFinder News

Best of Remodeling

It’s not often that you come across the exceptional, and when you do, it’s something you want to pass on and share. That’s the idea behind our new sister site, Best of Remodeling (BOR), designed to showcase innovative, noteworthy remodeling projects and ideas from around the globe.

Mowen Kitchen

We decided that the time to branch out was long overdue. At Best of Remodeling, homeowners and construction professionals, aficionados and amateurs alike, both under or out of the CalFinder umbrella can trade ideas or plain show off. As a community forum, BOR encourages reader participation and feedback in order to be a valuable resource chock-full of the most relevant, timely, and useful information for home remodeling enthusiasts everywhere.

BOR is now accepting entries on custom, high-quality projects to spotlight on our showcase, whether it’s quirky and inventive or modern and high-class. BOR seeks talent from every spectrum; tell us about the nationally recognized remodel you just finished or give your local, neighborhood professionals the credit they deserve. This is a launch you won’t want to miss—check it out, get inspired, or better yet, get involved!

Submit your outstanding work here.