Bedroom Enhancement: 6 Tricks to Make a Small Room Larger

From on August 28, 2009 in CalFinder News

You know that little blue pill you can take (or slip to your honey) that makes things larger? Well, it’s available not only in the bedroom, but for the bedroom itself. Prepare to be amazed - these quick tricks are guaranteed to make a small room feel larger than it is.

#1 - Using lighter, brighter colors for wall coverings is a good place to start, but rather than slapping on a coat of Snow White, try painting the room a nice, muted shade of gray, blue, green, yellow or anything else that cheers you up. Then, accent the shade with white baseboards, chair molding and/or moldings around the ceiling.

#2 - Forget the scattered collages of art and put up one large masterpiece. Keeping a bunch of small frames on the wall gives the whole room a cluttered appearance, whereas one stately frame creates a richer, cleaner tone.

#3 - Nothing stunts the room size like piles of stuff lying around. If you can’t get rid of anything, at least take a stab at organizing it. Try using baskets that tuck away under the bed or a small chest of drawers that match your decor.

#4 - Speaking of decor, enormous furniture can dwarf a room. Try to find smaller pieces with long legs, multiple functions and clean lines. Avoid overstuffed sofas and chairs that dominate the room, making it appear even smaller than it is. Arrange most large items up against the walls - this keeps the room open and airy.

#5 - Think about light. Let in as much natural light as possible - remove curtains and blinds or keep them open. Large, heavy drapes can detract from the room’s size, so pick out something sheer or thin that can be swept off to one side.

#6 - If possible, install large windows in the room that are unobstructed by mullions or panes. If that’s not an option, try adding more manufactured lights or mirrors. Angle your mirrors toward a focal point in the room to bounce more light around.

It may be a bit more difficult than simply popping a pill, but I promise the effect will last longer than four hours. But feel free to call your doctor and tell him what a great job you’ve done.

Photo credits: Freshome