Announcing Our Residential Solar Reference

From on December 19, 2007 in CalFinder News

Solar ContractorsAs a certified Bay Area Green Business, CalFinder is quickly being recognized for promoting environmentally sustainable practices in the home remodeling industry. In addition to bridging the gap between homeowners and remodeling contractors, CalFinder provides a Green Remodeling Blog and extensive Web content on solar power and eco-friendly products, resources, and practices. We believe going green is a win-win situation for our business, our customers, and our planet, and we invite all our readers to follow us through the green movement with our new companion site: CalFinder Residential Solar.

A large segment of our business comes from working with every major solar company in California and a growing number across the nation. Every day, CalFinder receives more and more requests for qualified solar installers, and we’re rising to the challenge of meeting these demands. On December 19, CalFinder launched CalFinder Residential Solar Contractors, “Installing Solar Panels on Your Home.”

According to Dean Dowd, CalFinder’s CTO, the new site’s goal is to push the solar initiative.

We believe every home should be equipped with solar energy,” Dowd says. “Taking that into account we also understand the importance of educating homeowners about this source of energy. We’ve designed the site to meet all of these needs, mainly focusing on helping homeowners make that switch.”

A companion site to the company’s original website, CalFinder Residential Solar will include a blog devoted to solar in homes, solar contractor profiles from across the nation, an abundance of articles detailing how the solar energy system works, and “Asking the Pros,” a section with solar news and information, coming straight from longstanding experts in the industry.

Currently, over 85 percent of U.S. energy needs are being supplied by fossil fuels – oil, coal, and natural gas. However, the world’s supply of fossil fuels is limited, and burning them produces dangerous by-products and pollutants. Solar energy is clean and renewable, and because homeowners who utilize solar power can expect lower monthly utility bills, it is quickly becoming more popular. Numerous solar loans and financial incentives also exist to reward energy efficiency in the home.

Dowd explains,

“The solar energy niche is all abuzz with news about new statewide and national incentives for going solar. If we keep pace with this trend, CalFinder Solar will increasingly grow, adding more and more contractors and resources for local homeowners.”