Announcing Our New Series: Right Style, Right Remodel

From on February 21, 2008 in CalFinder News

Right Style, Right Remodel

Each and every home is one of a kind. Likewise, every homeowner is unique. This dynamic is what makes remodeling such an engaging process. There’s a form of communication taking place, always, between the home and the homeowner. As you make plans to suit your lifestyle, your distinctive taste, and your standards, the home’s features, history, and aura will ultimately influence how you carry these choices out. When you work together – that’s when the best results ensue.

Because homes themselves are the other half of the remodeling equation, we will dedicate a weekly series just to them. The series will be an addition to what we offer, so don’t worry, as we’ll continue posting articles on our regular topics, from green remodeling, to helpful web finds, to trends and tips on every room of the house.

Look out for week one of the series, starting this Monday. We will be highlighting the Victorian home, and each day will feature a different topic on these stately architectural beauties. Sometimes referred to as the “Painted Ladies,” Victorian homes are characterized by heavy, carved ornamentation, elaborate moldings, and lively variations of color, among numerous other details. As the Victorian suggests, remodeling leaves much to the imagination, but the home definitely has a say.

If you’ve got a specific home you’d love to see featured in our new series, send us a comment. If you own a Victorian and would like to share your remodeling experiences, we’d love to hear from you!