Affordable Comfort, Inc. - Advancing Home Performance Through Education

From on January 05, 2010 in CalFinder News

As humankind begins a new decade, it has become apparent that we have also entered into a new era of thinking, ultimately a much greener, healthier vision for the future. Conservation, recycling and energy efficiency are on the forefront of everyone’s minds these days for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the fear of running out of once plentiful, now valuable resources. For others, it’s the desire to leave our children with the resources to live as well as we do today. And for the rest, it may only be that making these changes will keep our pockets full, whether it be through savings on gas prices, energy bills or the cost of a can of soda. Now, more than ever, there are an abundance of organizations with visions of creating a more sustainable planet. Leading the way here in green residential home performance is Affordable Comfort, Inc.


ACI‘s vision is simply this: Every family deserves a green home that is energy efficient, durable, comfortable, healthy and safe. ACI works to make sure every community has access to skilled home performance services.


ACI began as a non-profit nearly 25 years ago under the name, Affordable Comfort Conference. The organization’s earliest goals were to outline the best way to make a home energy efficient without harming residents or the building itself. Their concentration has always been on using building science to make good decisions, and specifically the concept of “house as a system”.

In Action

Through its national and regional conferences, ACI brings together both thinkers and doers to explore the current trends and practices in home performance. In 2010, ACI is focusing on a number of initiatives including job training and workforce development in the area of home performance and home energy audits. Through advocacy, ACI hopes to contribute to the White House’s goal of one million home energy audits per year. With the current stimulus program Home Star in the works, also known in the media as “Cash for Caulkers,” there has never been a better time for contractors to move into the home energy audit business. With massive projected job growth in this area, making home energy audits available to your customers has become one of the best ideas in 2010. ACI provides direction to continuing education in the field of home energy audits, as well as access to even more resources during their conferences.


Between January and April, ACI has a few events coming up:

  • Solutions for Success New York’s ENERGY STAR for Homes 2010 Conference & Awards Banquet The Saratoga Hilton and the Saratoga Springs City Center in Saratoga Springs, NY - February 10-11, 2010
  • ACI New Jersey Home Performance Conference & Awards Banquet 2010 Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ - March 04-05, 2010
  • ACI Home Performance Conference 2010 Renaissance Austin Hotel in Austin, TX - April 19-23, 2010