A Bathroom Conundrum: The Curtain or the Door?

From on October 16, 2007 in Bathroom Remodel

shower curtains vs. doorsYou might be surprised how much one decision, the curtain or the door, can affect the look and feel of your entire bathroom. Whether you’ve recently tackled or plan to attempt a bathroom remodel, chances are you will confront this potentially difficult choice at one time or another.
You might be hanging on to your shower rod and curtain for more than sentimental reasons. After all, each time you change the curtain for relatively little money, you inadvertently gain a brand new bathroom theme as well as a cleaner shower space. Or perhaps you enjoy the innovative style of your bi-fold or frameless shower door far too much to consider switching back to old-fashioned curtains.

In any case, the option is not black and white. CalFinder recently added a helpful article on the pros and cons of both curtains and doors to our content library. Check out some highlights below, then stop by our website to read the entire article.

Shower Curtain Pros

  • Flexible. The curtain can be left closed when you forget to clean your tub while houseguests are over. It can also be left open for a more spacious feel.
  • Easy to replace. This project can be at the top of your do-it-yourself list. If you really want to get creative, you can also make your own curtains with relative ease.

Curtain Con

  • Messy. Forgetting to tuck the curtain in once will puddle your bathroom floor.

Shower Door Pros

  • Easy to clean. Mold doesn’t build up as quickly on glass surfaces as it does on the fabric of a curtain, and when it does, cleaning with a spray and a wipe is no problem on this accessible surface.
  • Functional. Doors seal in water effectively.

Door Con

  • Soap scum. Doors on trackers are common. The trackers encompass hard-to-reach spaces that can be difficult to clean and once neglected, accumulate scum.