7 Green Home Finds from Around the Web

From on February 12, 2008 in CalFinder News

Always alert for new green products, materials, and appliances that are useful to homeowners, CalFinder found the following 7 offerings from seven different websites. It’s good to know there are many ways to save on energy, costs, and environmental harm without changing a single thing about your lifestyle. The products below, for example, encourage the same daily habits on the computer, in the shower, or doing laundry, all the while using more efficient technology.

  1. Eco ButtonPutting your computer on energy saver mode can be as easy as the push of a recycled plastic ecobutton. This new product, featured on Treehugger, plugs into your PC’s USB port and only needs a single tap to get to saving, so you can take work breaks with ease. It also keeps tabs on how much you save, in dollars and in CO2. Remember, though, that ecobutton is not alone. Make use of your computer’s built in sleepware, or of software from companies like Rembrand Software.
  2. Ever wish you could calculate how much energy your home appliances consume, just as your utility company does? The Energy Saver, winner of the Home Green Gadget Award, will do just that. We found it on EcoGeek, and until you can find it in stores, try similar products like the Kill A Watt, by P3 International.
  3. Another great find from Groovy Green: the new Beko washing machine with a record breaking 14-minute wash cycle. In addition to saving electricity, the machine saves water by using only what’s needed according to load size. Though it’s only available in the U.K., it’s good to know similar technology shouldn’t be far behind in the U.S. Until then, check out the product list at Energy Star.
  4. Pioneer Eco FlooringSpeaking of saving water, My Green Home recently featured Evolve, a “showerhead with brains” that slows the water stream to a trickle until it reaches 95 degrees, the point when most of us are ready to get in.
  5. Now that you’ve had your gizmo fix, let’s move on to floors. Get with Green recently unveiled the first, fully eco-engineered flooring on the market, by Pioneer Millworks. What does a fully eco-engineered floor entail? The company uses FSC certified material, natural finishes, formaldehyde free, low VOC glue, and U.S. based manufacturing.
  6. More on floors. JetsOn Green found some excellent, next generation bamboo flooring from EcoTimber, known for supplying sustainable wood products. The new bamboo product bears a closer resemblance to hardwood, and is sanded and finished just like hardwood, too.
  7. If you need green furniture for that green flooring, SF Gate just featured a new collection by Karey Durante, called Escoulen. The collection’s colorful stools, tables, and bases have FSC certification and are made with waterborne lacquers.