5 Reasons Everyone Should Use a Contractor Referral Service

From on October 06, 2010 in CalFinder News

…And remodel their homes the right way

I’ve heard it in all shapes and forms from our homeowners. “I regret ever using the phone book to find a contractor. Anyone can place an ad there.” Or even worse, “My neighbor’s contractor buddy turned out to be a huge mistake, had no idea what he was doing.”

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It seems there’s a deep mistrust of contractors across the board. In fact, contractors are among the top five most-complained-about services in the country.

People need a reliable way to find quality workers. They need an avenue they can trust with their home, family, property, and peace of mind. What they need, essentially, is CalFinder’s free third-party referral service.

Why Choose CalFinder Contractors?

In short, we complete the screening process so you don’t have to. Here’s a bit of what goes into CalFinder Contractor Certification:

1. Get cost estimates for free

Everyone deserves to know the cost of their remodel. Click through to our estimate form, and you’ll get three free estimates in a matter of minutes. You’ll get one-on-one attention from our reps, and the peace of mind that comes along with using CalFinder.

2. Our contractors are licensed & bonded

This is a huge deal. As homeowners ourselves, we would never allow an unlicensed contractor into our homes, and we hope you wouldn’t, either (no matter what their excuse). contractor plans

3. In-depth phone interviews

CalFinder reps conduct personal phone interviews with potential new contractors—not just a quick “Hi, who are you?”, but an in-depth screening process about their volume of work, actual scheduling availabilities, etc., that often goes on for hours. Believe me, it’s thorough.

4. Our contractors are always close by

Our homeowners love the fact that we find contractors within a few miles of their homes, simply because the guys aren’t commuting during morning rush hour to get there. And because CalFinder is the nation’s leading contractor referral site, we have enough contractors in every region to find the best guys for your project.

5. Custom web profiles & pictures for each contractor

contractor kitchen If you’d rather browse web sites and screen our contractors that way, I personally write and build profiles detailing our contractors’ strong suits, post photos of their previous work, and provide a bio about their company. Anything to help you make the right choice.

It’s working!

CalFinder has helped tens of thousands of people remodel their living spaces. And our successes are just heating up…. Says Ruth S.: “If it wasn’t for your advertisement I would have never found these guys. The quote they gave me was just right and they did an excellent job too, I even got a free dishwasher on top of all that.”

And Hyrum M. in Utah: “It was great! I had more calls than expected & the estimators were all timely, very professional and helpful with many hints and helps for me.”

Fill out our quick form and grab your free estimates today—then share your experience with us! Our goal is helping people make beautiful homes.

Photos via Flickr CC by US Army Corps of Engineers, Mike McCune & via CalFinder’s Kitchen Remodeling Ideas