Wild Tile for Your Bathroom Sinks

From on December 14, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel

bathroom tile blue sinkThinking about getting funky in your bathroom? We’re right there with you. Italian tile manufacturer VetroColor has all sorts of incredibly flashy tiles to spruce up the vibe of your throne room.

bathroom tile red

One of their more unique designs is a series of glass tiles that form an instant mosaic, giving bathrooms a more artistic and intriguing look. The tiles have a metallic background, which can be ordered in various colors with a thick layer of transparent glass on top. They are almost 3-D in appearance and make you feel like you’re gazing through the looking-glass at the beautiful, shimmering hues beneath.

bathroom tile mosaic

With the varying shapes of the tile, you can customize any room with glimmering glass tile work. The tiles work on any surface: floors, walls, countertops and special applications, like customizing your own mosaic bathroom sink.

bathroom tile floor wallbathroom tile shower

The Preziosi tiles are particularly interesting when the forms are mixed and matched in various applications. You could, for example, have large two- or four-foot tiles laid on the floor, almost like having your very own yellow brick road - only shinier. Imagine a mosaic of the same gold glass tiles as your vanity top or shower surround.

bathroom tile gold

Add a variation in the colors, and your bathroom could be a veritable luminous rainbow. All you need is a pot of gold. Of course, the tiles come in more than just gold. You could have the metallic glass tiles in a variety of colors, like silver, black, red, blue and purple.

bathroom tile checker

Admittedly, the VetroColor website is a little difficult to navigate (it’s in Italian!). The beauty of their product, however, is well worth the wait if you’re interested in giving your bathroom a new shine.