Why Bathroom Remodeling Costs are Lower Than Ever

From on November 14, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


We’ve seen a recent surge of interest in bathroom remodeling—especially small bathroom remodels. Aside from a kitchen renovation, improving and updating a bathroom is one of the best things you can do for your home, and brings one of the highest returns on investment.

Not to mention that your home functions better and more beautifully in the meantime, especially if you live in an urban setting where housing is smaller and dwellings usually have one bathroom.

Price-Check Your Bathroom Remodel

Want to renovate your bathroom? You’re in luck. Bath remodeling costs are lower than ever. You can start the process quickly by price-checking bathroom remodeling in your area. We make this easy by giving you two options:

  1. You can browse through CalFinder bathroom contractors by state.
  2. You can click here to fill out a quick form, and we’ll send you the 2-3 contractors closest to you.

From there, getting cost information is quick and accurate, as it’s specific to your home.

Why the Low Costs for Bathroom Renovations?

There are a few reasons for low costs. Like any market driven by demand, the surge in bathroom remodeling interest has shifted the market slightly—which means that if you’ve been toying with the idea of whipping that outdated bathroom into shape, you’d be wise to get your bathroom remodeled at a prime time. As we move into fall and winter weather, contractors are looking at a slower season and remodeling work generally winds down. People are distracted by holiday hooplah and push off that project to the new year. Taking advantage of the slower season means that you can often find a great contractor who will provide just what you need, for a wonderfully competitive price. Click here to find a contractor near you who can help you get started on your project.


How to Reduce Costs Even Further

Bathroom remodeling is also more affordable now because homeowners understand where they need to hire professionals, and where they can contribute to the project themselves—without compromising quality. Instead of going with expensive wallpaper and installation, consider painting the bathroom yourself. Paint holds up better in moisture, anyway. Install new hardware and towel racks yourself, though you should leave the heavy-duty plumbing projects to the contractor. While such a technical project requires professional help, you may be able to finish some of the work yourself, cutting costs even further.

Take advantage of good timing, and you’ll make the best of low bathroom remodeling fees. In addition to nabbing the good market prices, now’s the time to lock in green remodeling rebates available to those who choose eco-friendly fixtures.

Talk to your contractor to make sure that what you are purchasing qualifies, and that you go through the right process to insure that you get that rebate. Many run out by the year’s end, so get your bathroom remodeling groove on now—while prices are right.


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