Warning: Use These 5 Awesome Bathroom Remodeling Ideas at Your Own Risk

From on December 13, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel

You’re looking to remodel your bathroom, and you’re someone who likes to forge your individuality in all areas of your living. Don’t got time for the plain ol’ bathroom that could exist in any dwelling? We hear you. With as much use as this utilitarian room gets, you want to pair great function with unique bathroom ideas. Take a look at some of these zany and unconventional designs for your own inspiration. For pricing on a bath in your area, click here.

#1 - The Crazy Water Slide Sink


This Abisko Washbin from Eumar is insane. If you’re looking to add unique and artistic shape to your bathroom without cluttering up the room, this might be for you. The bathroom sink drains directly into a floor drain, while still providing a great shape up top. And how much more fun will spitting toothpaste be?!


#2 - The Flaming Lips Bathroom


Welcome to the bathroom of Wayne Coyne, lead singer for the Flaming Lips. Much like Coyne himself, this bathroom pod is anything but forgettable. If you want to retain Zen-like simplicity and monochromatic colors, consider playing with the contours of your walls. Visiting the John will feel more like visiting another planet.


#3 - Nature-Inspired Bathroom Design


This Signature Erosion Sink custom-made by Gore Design Co. is any geologist’s dream. The idea here is to work uniquely with the elements that might naturally exist in the room, like stone countertops and stone flooring. Such a superb example of how to add individuality to your bathroom.

#4 - The Spa Bathroom Experience


Hey, if you have the space, consider turning an underused room into a full spa bath experience. With extra space, a chair for lounging, technology and great aesthetics, this adds an entirely new dimension to your bathroom—and can even be remodeled on a budget.

#5 - Go Backsplash Crazy


Most people look only to the bathroom floor for tile, but I challenge you to go beyond that. Consider an intriguing bathroom backsplash to really invigorate your space. This one mixes metal copper and bronze tiles with matte finishes for a sultry aesthetic. Funky backsplashes can go a long way in remodeling your bathroom.

Which one’s your favorite?

Would you use any of these in your own bathroom? Let me know in the comments!