Totally Simple Bathroom Redo: House-Flipping Made Easy

From on February 22, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel

We get as excited as you do seeing successful renovations in before and after photos. Though the effect of a beautifully renovated space stands on its own, it helps to see examples of what can be done in a room—especially when you’re remodeling what you already have.

flip bathroom sink

This Morningside Renovation that we discovered on Flickr shows what Lorie and Brian have done with their space. Brian owned this cute little house when Lorie first met him, which they rented out when they moved into their own house together. When they decided to start renovating and flipping houses, they looked to this place first. Since their beginning in house investing, they have moved onto other projects, but this remains a beauty of a first experience.

before bathroom remodelDark charcoal-gray bathroom before renovation

Small and affordable changes revolutionized the look and functionality of this bathroom. Their first step was to invert the color palette, lightening the walls and opening up the natural light, and painting the existing mirror black to create a high contrast in color.

bathroom remodel

They replaced the hardware and light fixture around the sink, and added a stark touch of the black curtain, which adds immediately-accessible sink storage. The largest project was to resurface the bathroom flooring, but this small of a floor becomes an easy project for anyone, (especially with the help of a contractor).

bathroom flooring

For the rest of their amazing before and afters, check out Lorie’s Flickr photos, especially how she completely changed the kitchen into a charming update on a classic, without tearing down a single thing!