The Highlights of Copper in the Bathroom

From on January 31, 2008 in Bathroom Remodel

Copper is a distinct feature in any room. In the bathroom, a copper fixture can blend the old world into the new, create a unique focal point, or add an artist’s touch to an otherwise ordinary space. Copper is known for a wide range of distinguishing features, including the following benefits:

  • Low maintenance. Copper has what is referred to as a “living finish,” meaning that the tone and color of the material naturally deepens with time, so stains and discolorations virtually heal themselves. Copper eventually develops a natural, warm patina. A protective wax or finish can be applied to shield the copper from the effects of the environment and bring out its color; however, copper is known for getting more beautiful with age.
  • Antibacterial components. Copper is known for having natural, antibacterial components. Because bacteria cannot live on copper, it is frequently used in hospitals. Since pure copper is naturally hygienic, it is a good match for the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Elegance and beauty. Since no two pieces of copper are alike, your product is sure to be unique. Copper is available in a smooth, contemporary finish or hand-hammered, where the sheets are hammered and shaped by hand for an artisan touch.

Copper Sinks by HP AustinIn the bathroom, there is a surprisingly diverse selection of copper fixtures to choose from. Apron copper sinks by HP Austin are recreations of the rectangular basins once popular throughout Europe and the Americas. The handmade sinks come in basketweave, plain golden, chair weave, lattice weave, riveted diamond, and other styles. Native Trails offers another line of copper sinks that bring back the sentiment of another age. These round vessel sinks have been struck by a coppersmith’s hammer 40,000 times!

Copper Baths by Diamond SpasIf you’re looking for a copper bathtub, companies such as Diamond Spas feature products made from recycled copper. The custom tubs are built to be green and are 100 percent recyclable. For a rustic looking piece, Fine Crafts and Imports has a hammered copper tub that is covered by a resin layer to prevent rusting or discoloration.

After reviewing the product list from just a few companies, it’s easy to see why copper fixtures hold their own. When you’ve finished doing the research for the product of your choice, contact a qualified bathroom contractor to ensure that it is properly installed for a lifetime of good use.